Born and raised in Austin, TX with a few years stint in Athens, Georgia and Madrid, Spain, I'm a lover of traveling and experiencing life through different lenses. Where there might be a language barrier, art has no limitations.

It's funny though, when describing myself in relation to my two sisters, I always put my older sister as the artistic one. She's definitely fine tuned her skill. Being only a few years apart in age, my parents would send us to the same art summer camps as kids, but while she would be creating a delicate paper mache pony I would be flinging soggy newspaper around the room. 

To me, painting is a form of communication. It's a way of clear and honest expression that is personal and unique.

I just finished a watercolor mark making series. This series started during an artist mentorship I was hosting, working with students to express what was "Hidden Within". I started working on this project in silence and it wasn't until a few days into the program that I was able to verbalize what it represented to me. Here is a brief tidbit of what I told my students:

"My mind is always ticking, constantly thinking, over-analyzing. Sometimes (usually) I overthink even the smallest of actions and find myself paralyzed with decision making. The mark making series depicts how I feel my brain processes everyday life. I call it an 'organized chaos'. From the outside it may look intentional, pretty, even. On the inside I'm constantly working on trying to decipher and make logic of it all."

I really appreciate you stopping by. I am currently working on an acrylic series that will be available piece by piece on the shop page. For painting or photography inquiries, please contact me at susannahhaddad (at)